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  1. NA-90085-R-20R
    Nak Armstrong Double Ruched Ribbon, 20-karat recycled rose gold, diamond and mixed stones ring
    As low as £5,540.00
  2. SZ-N_YG_8
    Shelly Zucker Happy, 14-karat yellow gold, mixed gems and diamond necklace
  3. NA-10342-EOP-20R
    Nak Armstrong Rose and Stem, 20-karat recycled rose gold and mixed stones ear jackets
  4. AR-GBA-42
    Anaïs Rheiner Pink Spring, 18-karat yellow gold and morganite ring
  5. LQ-5060339740966
    Loquet July, red ruby gemstone
  6. SZ-E_YG_6
    Shelly Zucker Star, 14-karat yellow gold and mixed gems single earring
  7. VJ-SVE014
    Vik Jethwani Halo, 18-karat yellow gold uncut diamond and ruby studs
  8. VJ-SVP017
    Vik Jethwani Triangle, 18-karat yellow gold, uncut diamond and ruby pendant