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    Bee Goddess Venus Star, 14-karat rose gold and diamond earrings
  2. Milamore
    Milamore Kintsugi,18-karat yellow gold and diamond earring
  3. MM-19030
    Milamore Signature, 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald ring
    As low as £9,728.00
    Dauphin Volume, 18-karat rose gold and diamond pendant
  5. RC-R7478_YG
    Raphaele Canot 18-karat yellow gold and diamond link ring
    As low as £1,583.33
  6. Ileana Makri
    Ileana Makri Dawn Candy, 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and mixed stones pendant
  7. TF-1-2-21-0805
    Theo Fennell Beees, 18-karat yellow and white gold, sapphire, citrine and diamond drop earrings
  8. MA-COL104
    Maison Auclert Sautoir, 18-karat yellow gold and antique garnet necklace