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  1. BV-N7003
    Bibi van der Velden Mammoth Pop Art, 18-karat yellow gold, mammoth tusk and sapphire necklace
  2. BV-N20190351
    Bibi van der Velden Scarab Pop Art, 18-karat rose gold, sterling silver and sapphire necklace
  3. BV-N3022
    Bibi van der Velden Rainbow, 18-karat rose gold and sapphire necklace
  4. BV-N3028
    Bibi van der Velden Trio Scarab Necklace, 18-karat rose gold, sterling silver and mixed stones necklace
  5. BV-N20170601
    Bibi van der Velden Green Rhino, 18-karat yellow gold, sterling,silver and mixed stones necklace
  6. BV-N20180302
    Bibi van der Velden Mammoth Alligator Bite, 18-karat yellow gold, mammoth,tusk and tsavorite necklace
  7. BV-N20171301
    Bibi van der Velden Pink Elephant, 18-karat rose gold, sterling silver, diamond and mixed stones necklace
  8. MM-19103
    Milamore Kintsugi,18-karat yellow gold necklace