The Once Gift Card



Deliver a perfect precious gift

Introducing the Once gift card. With over 30+ classic and independent fine-jewellery houses to choose your precious gift from, the Once gift card is a simply elegant way to deliver the timeless gift of fine jewellery.


Our Gift to You

When you purchase a Once gift card, we will add to your spend by adding 10% more to the value, when you spend over £1,000 and 15% more when you spend over £3,000. This means that your Once gift of £1,000 immediately rises to the greater value of £1,100, while a Once gift of £3,000 rises to the value of £3,450.


Sending the Card - How it works

You can send the Once gift card directly to your giftee when you check out. But for a more personal touch, choose to "Send on a future date" and we will send the Once gift card straight to your inbox so that you can decide when to send it. So, you’ll always be the first to know when they receive it. All cards are valid for one year but cannot be used in conjunction with discounts.

Gift Card

Once Gift Card

Minimum: £500.00 Maximum: £10,000.00

Gift Card Information
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