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Once Fine Jewellery Horoscopes | Cancer - Sagittarius

Everyone’s future needs to include fine jewellery. At Once, we’ve checked the astrological charts, from Cancer to Sagittarius, to divine which jewels are sparkling in your zodiac this year.


Cancer (June 21- July 22) RUBY

You often feel caught between sea and the shore, dear Cancer, but such is your divine connection to natural beauty that there’s no doubt that the red, red ruby – the gem of kings and queens – is the birthstone for you. Health, wisdom, success and love are just some of the properties associated with rubies. So this year you may want to be associated with this 18-karat gold, diamond and ruby Duo earring by Raphaele Canot.

  1. RC-E1524_RU
    Add to Wish List Raphaele Canot 18-karat white gold, diamond and ruby duo earring

Leo (July 23 – August 22) PERIDOT

Peridot captures your protective nature and leadership, dear Leo. The ancients viewed peridot, with its deep green, yet clear colour as a protective talisman, a gem to ward off evil spirits. Just like you, the peridot is prized for its highly vivacious and attractive nature. Qualities that obviously attracted London designer Theo Fennell to create these compelling Chrysanthemum earrings in18-karat gold, diamonds and peridots.

  1. TF-1-2-21-1005
    Add to Wish List Theo Fennell Chrysanthemum, 18-karat white gold, peridot and diamond drop earrings

Virgo (August 23-September 22) SAPPHIRE

Because you are so faithful and noble, dear Virgo, you are unfazed by the confusion surrounding the colour variations in your birthstone. For sapphires come in a range of vibrant shades beyond blue – from pink to yellow and orange – each of them as dazzling as the other. Your considerate nature means that you are happy with whichever colour your sapphire might be. And, in the case of Loquet’s 18-karat gold, diamond and sapphire locket pendant, blue is definitely the sapphire for you.

  1. LQ-848SP8891
    Add to Wish List Loquet Orb, 18-karat white gold, diamond and sapphire locket

Libra (September 23 – October 22) OPAL

Opals are prized for their rainbow-like colours and are often likened to fireworks, celestial wonders and volcanoes. Alive with natural energy, the opal reflects your gregarious nature and reputation as a social butterfly. Dear Libra, you are such a graceful creature that Nina Runsdorf’s 18-karat rose gold, diamond and opal Flip ring is destined to be the elegantly playful choice for you.

  1. NR-NRR-3856
    Add to Wish List Nina Runsdorf Medium, 18-karat rose gold, diamond and opal Flip ring
    As low as £5,083.33

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You are loved for your trustworthiness, dear Scorpio, and you might say that is mirrored in the perennial popularity of your birthstone – citrine. The stone with a unique yellow-orange intensity and depth also reflects your passionate nature. And that’s why we predict a prosperous year in the shape of Theo Fennell’s gold, sapphire, diamond and cirtrine earrings.

  1. TF-1-2-21-0805
    Add to Wish List Theo Fennell Beees, 18-karat yellow and white gold, sapphire, citrine and diamond drop earrings

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The Native American Apache peoples were said to believe that turquoise was discovered at the end of a rainbow, while the Pueblo maintained that it drew its vibrant blue hue from the sky. As a seasoned storyteller, dear Sagittarius, we’re sure you have your own ideas about the true nature of your birthstone. We foresee this pair of 18-karat rose-gold, Persian-turquoise and diamond earrings by Samantha Tea adding a pop of colour to your story.

    Add to Wish List Samantha Tea Laluna, 18-karat rose gold, rhodium, diamond and turquoise earrings

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