Once’s designers are from all over the world, from different background, and create utterly unique pieces

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  • Amrapali

    Two history graduates bring the beauty of ancient India to life through a sumptuous collection of jewellery.

  • Anaïs Rheiner

    Delicate, dreamlike creations that translate natural forms into poetic patterns.

  • Antonini

    Bring home a century of exemplary craftsmanship with Antonini.

  • Bee Goddess

    The world’s first truly talismanic jewellery is here to inspire.

  • Bibi van der Velden

    New-York born Dutch designer Bibi van der Velden has an eclectic approach; she mixes the traditional with the unusual to make miniature works of art.

  • Boodles

    A British institution that has been providing the best of society and beyond with handcrafted fine jewellery since 1798.

  • Dauphin

    French contemporary jewellery house by the magnetic Charlotte Dauphin de La Rochefoucauld.

  • Elizabeth Gage

    Enjoy unique fine jewellery from an unorthodox artist.

  • Hannah Martin

    Hannah’s designs are characterised by fluid, gender nonspecific sculptural forms of emotion, bathed in an unapologetic undertone.

  • Ileana Makri

    This intensely personal brand turns mystical symbols into fine jewellery to wear every day

  • Jade Jagger

    London and India combine in the sculpturally bohemian stylings of the original Balearic princess, Jade Jagger.

  • JEM

    Started in 2010, JEM set out to prove having an ethical stance doesn’t mean you can’t make beautiful jewels.