Pippa Small



“I believe the perfect piece of jewellery is a personal one. It’s imbued with memory, association, pleasure, and a place perhaps...” - Pippa Small London based jeweller Pippa Small has been making jewellery since she was a child. Gathering, collecting and creating jewellery from pebbles, beads and shells was a tactile diary of her existence. As a child, she travelled widely with her family and became entranced with the cultures and people she encountered. With a masters in anthropology, Pippa’s continued love story with travel has birthed her distinctive jewellery designs. Her collaborations with Christina Kim from Dosa, Nicole Farhi and Tom Ford at Gucci are just as inspiring as her work in human rights. Pippa was named ambassador of the human rights organisation Survival International and awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2013. She won Ethical Jeweller of the Year and the prestigious Walpole Corporate Social Responsibility award in 2016.

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