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Luxury British jewellery concept Loquet London takes a contemporary approach to the age old idea of a keepsake locket. The signature 14kt gold framed crystal ‘Loquet’ is designed to be personalised with collectable charms and birthstones. Every ‘Loquet’ tells a story. Each charm represents an emotion or a special memory, making it a unique and bespoke gift - a love letter coded in charms. Created by Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey in June 2013, Loquet London is now stocked in over 60 leading retailers across the world.

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  1. LQ-3487493874
    Loquet Forget me not, 18-karat white gold, sapphire and yellow diamond charm
  2. LQ-5060339740966
    Loquet July, red ruby gemstone
  3. LQ-493846288
    Loquet Oval, 14-karat yellow gold link chain
  4. LQ-73648028362
    Loquet Rainbow, 14-karat yellow gold, sapphire crystal, diamond and sapphire locket
  5. LQ-45389457
    Loquet Cactus, 18-karat black gold and tsavorite charm
  6. LQ-3459054098549
    Loquet Rainbow, 18- karat, yellow gold charm
  7. LQ-34973450975409
    Loquet Evil eye, 18-karat white gold, diamond and sapphire charm
  8. LQ-39084209483
    Loquet Heart, 18-karat, rose gold and pink sapphire charm

Showing 1-8 of 79

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