The Boodles story started in Liverpool in 1798. Since then it has made silverware for royalty, trophies for the Grand National and hosted an international tennis tournament in Buckinghamshire’s famous Stoke Park Club. However, Boodles is most famous for is its exquisite fine jewellery. Known for making incredibly wearable collections, thanks to its willingness to explore new techniques as well as keeping traditional jewellery making crafts alive. From the playfulness of the Roulette collection to the colourful clusters of precious stones in their signature Raindance range, Boodles continues to delight fine jewellery lovers 222 years after it first opened its doors - this is British jewellery design at its best. Boodles’ flagship store is in the heart of Bond Street in London.

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  1. BD-0777900KDCN
    Boodles Be Boodles, 18-karat rose gold, platinum and diamond earrings
  2. BD-0712800WGCS
    Boodles Raindance Rainbow Watercolour, 18-karat white gold and mixed gems pendant
  3. BD-1097000DD6N
    Boodles Ribbons Ashoka, 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold and platinum diamond earrings
  4. BD-1090800WADU
    Boodles Woodland, 18-karat white gold, aquamarine, moonstone and diamond earrings
  5. BD-0761000PDCK
    Boodles Raindance Classic Cluster, platinum diamond stud earrings
  6. BD-0716200WDCA
    Boodles Classic Roulette, 18-karat white gold diamond earrings
  7. BD-0655000PDCP
    Boodles Raindance Cluster, platinum diamond pendant
  8. BD-0996100WDCH
    Boodles Be Boodles, 18-karat white gold diamond stud earrings

Showing 1-8 of 30

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