New York


Founded by George Root in 2019, Milamore is built on the foundation of the love and bond between him and his grandmother, Milagros. Mila, for those who knew and loved her, was the very embodiment of her name and the namesake of this brand – ‘miracle’ in Spanish. Designed in New York and handcrafted in Japan, Milamore believes that niche is the new luxury. Influences from both Japan and New York can be seen through George’s creations, paying homage to where he was raised and currently residing respectively.

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  1. MM-19002
    Milamore The Swimming Goldfish, 18-karat yellow gold charm
  2. MM-19003
    Milamore The Tail,18-karat yellow gold and diamond ring
    As low as £3,375.00
  3. MM-19004
    Milamore The Tail,18-karat yellow gold earring
  4. MM-19006
    Milamore The Crane Wings,18-karat white gold and diamond charm
  5. MM-19009
    Milamore The Turtle Shell,18-karat yellow gold and diamond charm
  6. MM-19001
    Milamore The Goldfish Coin,18-karat yellow gold charm
  7. MM-19005
    Milamore The Origami Crane,18-karat white gold charm
  8. MM-19008
    Milamore The Turtle Coin,18-karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald charm