Le Gramme



Le Gramme is the ideal fine-jewellery brand for those who like to keep things simple. Co-founded in 2013 by Erwan le Loüer, a designer-entrepreneur with a background in industrial design and also the man behind Once stablemate JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded, every piece illustrates how functionality can be transformed into something beautiful. The starting point for a design is always a function or an elementary shape. The cable bracelet was born out of a desire to make a the most minimalist mechanical clasp, while its ribbon bracelet was Le Gramme’s interpretation of the most iconic bracelet shape in the world – the bangle. The pieces are all made from precious metal or stainless steel and its names are simply what it weighs.

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  1. LG-COJPO061_17
    Le Gramme 17g, 18-karat yellow gold polished bracelet
    As low as £2,805.00
  2. LG-COJPO091_15
    Le Gramme 15g, 18-karat yellow gold polished beads bracelet
    As low as £3,485.00
  3. LG-COJPO051_11
    Le Gramme 11g, 18-karat yellow gold polished cable bracelet
    As low as £1,675.00
  4. LG-COJPO052_09
    Le Gramme 9g, 18-karat yellow gold and sterling silver polished cable bracelet
    As low as £1,095.00
  5. LG-COJPOFM081
    Le Gramme 1g, 18-karat yellow gold polished entrelacs pendant and chain necklace
  6. LG-COJBR01_07
    Le Gramme 7g, 18-karat yellow gold brushed ribbon bracelet
    As low as £1,530.00
  7. LG-COJPO061_09
    Le Gramme 9g, 18-karat yellow gold polished bangle bracelet
    As low as £1,685.00
  8. LG-COJPO06111_2.1
    Le Gramme 2.1g, 18-karat yellow gold polished bangle earring