Ileana Makri



Launched in 1996, Ilena Makri’s beautiful pieces are precious-metal and stone incarnations of the designer’s magpie mind. Drawing on her love of travel– she continues to divide her time between Greece, London, Paris and New York City for inspiration– as well as multicultural symbols and their meanings, Makri’s designs are a talismanic celebration of the world around us. Every piece is stamped with the designer’s signature aesthetic – a style achieved by using traditional techniques developed by Greek crafts people with whom she works– and showcases Makri’s attention to detail and incredible creativity. Free-spirited with touch of insouciance, these are fine jewels for women who still want to feel the sand of afar-flung beach between their toes and salt spray in their hair.

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  1. IM-02.1460.02.099
    Ileana Makri Grass Raining Drops, 18-karat yellow gold earrings
  2. IM-02.1262.02.099
    Ileana Makri Grass Sunny Ear, 18-karat yellow gold earrings
  3. IM-02.1294.02.001
    Ileana Makri Grass Sunny Hoops, 18- karat yellow gold and diamond hoops
  4. IM-02.1461.02.002
    Ileana Makri Grass Multi Dewdrops, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond earrings
  5. IM-02.1427.02.002
    Ileana Makri Grass Clipping, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond hoop earring
  6. IM-02.1427.02.005
    Ileana Makri Grass Clipping, 18-karat yellow gold and emerald hoop earrings
  7. IM-02.1520.02.030
    Ileana Makri Grass Paradise, 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald drop earrings
  8. IM-02.1430.02.1338
    Ileana Makri Grass Sunflower, 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald stud earrings