Anaïs Rheiner



In watchmaking, much is made of the tiny flaws seen in the most haute of horlogerie. These marks are prized as being evidence that each miniscule part has been worked on by hand; like seeing God in an atom. The hand of the jeweller is evident in every piece Anaïs Rheiner makes; literally in some cases as Rheiner has been known to leave her fingerprints on the metal to add a unique sensuality to her creations. Having graduated with a degree in jewellery design and manufacture at the University of Technology in Durban, Rheiner opened her boutique in Paris, a short walk from the famous Café de Flore, where, in the 1960s, the likes of Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir argued about existentialism. There is nothing so nihilistic about Rheiner’s jewellery. Inspired by the wonders of nature, particularly the lush gardens of Zimbabwe, where she grew up, Rheiner’s Paris-made jewellery evokes a delicate, fairy-like world; one full of poetry and passion.

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  1. AR-GBA-40
    Anaïs Rheiner A Thousand and One Dreams, 18-karat yellow gold and mixed stones ring
    As low as £2,469.70
  2. AR-GBA-43
    Anaïs Rheiner Pink Lavender Field, 18-karat yellow gold and sapphire ring
    As low as £1,325.76
  3. AR-GBA-33
    Anaïs Rheiner Poetry, 18-karat yellow gold and tanzanite ring
    As low as £8,265.15
  4. AR-GBO8
    Anaïs Rheiner Cherry Blossom, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond earrings
  5. AR-GBO-31
    Anaïs Rheiner Cherry Petals, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond earrings
  6. AR-GBO-1
    Anaïs Rheiner Mysterious Garden, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond earrings
  7. AR-GBO-1-RUB
    Anaïs Rheiner Mysterious Garden, 18-karat yellow gold and ruby earring
  8. AR-GBA-42
    Anaïs Rheiner Pink Spring, 18-karat yellow gold and morganite ring
    As low as £1,803.03