Once’s designers are from all over the world, from different background, and create utterly unique pieces

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Two history graduates bring the beauty of ancient India to life through a sumptuous collection of jewellery.
Delicate, dreamlike creations that translate natural forms into poetic patterns.
Bring home a century of exemplary craftsmanship with Antonini.
The world’s first truly talismanic jewellery is here to inspire.
New-York born Dutch designer Bibi van der Velden has an eclectic approach; she mixes the traditional with the unusual to make miniature works of art.
A British institution that has been providing the best of society and beyond with handcrafted fine jewellery since 1798.
French contemporary jewellery house by the magnetic Charlotte Dauphin de La Rochefoucauld.
Enjoy unique fine jewellery from an unorthodox artist.
Hannah’s designs are characterised by fluid, gender nonspecific sculptural forms of emotion, bathed in an unapologetic undertone.
This intensely personal brand turns mystical symbols into fine jewellery to wear every day.
Jacquie Aiche specialises in laid-back luxury. She combines Middle Eastern influences and goddess imagery to create jewellery that demands to be layered.
London and India combine in the sculpturally bohemian stylings of the original Balearic princess, Jade Jagger.