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  1. EG-27133
    Elizabeth Gage Swivel, 18-karat yellow gold cufflinks
  2. EG-20294
    Elizabeth Gage Square, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond cufflinks
  3. EG-24703
    Elizabeth Gage Kiss, 18-karat yellow gold, diamond, silver coin, and pearl pin
  4. EG-25983
    Elizabeth Gage Leaf, 18-karat yellow gold and diamond pin
  5. MM-19002
    Milamore The Swimming Goldfish, 18-karat yellow gold charm
  6. MM-19006
    Milamore The Crane Wings,18-karat white gold and diamond charm
  7. MM-19009
    Milamore The Turtle Shell,18-karat yellow gold and diamond charm
  8. MM-19008
    Milamore The Turtle Coin,18-karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald charm